Date: 7/10/2008
From: Customer Service
Subject: Test Biller 2 to send electronic bill
Congratulations! Your request to receive electronic versions of your Test Biller 2 bills (account ******3320) has been completed.

Your electronic bill may be a duplicate of a paper bill you received from Test Biller 2, depending on when the paper bill was mailed. Before you pay your bill online, please compare the statement date and due date of your latest paper bill with the dates on your electronic bill.

* If the dates are the same and you have already paid your paper bill, you should not pay the electronic bill because it would result in a duplicate payment.
* If the dates are different or you have not yet paid your paper bill, you can pay your bill immediately through your online bill payment service.

This message is for your information only. A response is not necessary.

Thank you for using our bill payment service.