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Why Our Cards Are Better

Great services, rates, and more!

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Why Our Cards Are Better Great services, rates, and more!
  1. Overview


Tired of the excessive fees and restrictions of your current credit card? See why switching to a card from the Credit Union is a smart choice.

  1. Great Products. We offer a variety of Visa® Credit Cards including Cash Back, Rewards, Low Rate, and our new Visa Signature® with enhanced rewards. You’re sure to find the card that’s right for you!
  2. Competitive Rewards. We offer both cash back and CURewards® travel and merchandise rewards programs. Our cash back card rewards you with up to 2% cash back1 on the purchases you make every day, including gas, groceries and, restaurants. And with CURewards, you earn points on every purchase that can be redeemed for a variety of travel options, including unrestricted airline travel, hotel, cruises and vacation packages. Or, you can redeem points for merchandise from name-brand retailers. Best of all, your points never expire, so you can redeem for the rewards you want.
  3. Low Rates. Our rates are very competitive compared to other credit cards in the market, with rates starting as low as 8.50% APR2.
  4. No Annual Fee on our most popular cards and no balance transfer fees. When you transfer higher- rate balances from other credit cards, you’ll never pay a balance transfer fee. Many other issuers charge as much as 5% of the transfer amount (e.g., $125 fee for a $2,500 balance transfer).
  5. No Penalty APR. This means that your APR will not increase due to a single late or missed payment. Most major credit cards charge a penalty APR as high as 29.99%.
  6. Convenient Online Access. Save paper by receiving your monthly statement electronically. And you can access your account information online, any time of day.
  7. Special Offers throughout the year. With a BCU Credit Card, you’ll enjoy opportunities to earn double points, rebates, special promotional rates and more!
  8. Design Your Own Card. Personalize your card with a favorite photo!
  9. Free Annual Summary Statement. Receive a categorized summary of your annual purchases when you make at least 120 transactions per year.
  10. Additional Visa® Benefits and Enhancements. Our Visa cards provide valuable benefits including Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver, Roadside Assistance, Travel and Emergency Services and Warranty Manager. Plus, with Visa’s Zero Liability Policy, you’ll never pay for unauthorized purchases on your card.

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1Rebates are automatically earned by making eligible purchases with your Credit Union Visa Cash Back card. Each Eligible Purchase made by the cardholder or authorized user(s) shall qualify for the cardholder cash back rebate as follows: you will earn a 1% base rebate for each $1 of net purchases (defined as purchases minus purchase returns and allowances and purchase discounts plus transaction). You will also earn an additional 1% bonus rebate for each $1 of net purchases, up to a maximum of $2,000 per month on eligible net gas, grocery and restaurant purchases made at retail establishments that classify their merchant location for Visa in one of the following bonus categories: automated fuel dispensers, grocery stores/supermarkets, and quick service payment/fast food restaurant/restaurant. Non-automated fuel purchases at gas station locations in the bonus category shall be treated as a regular purchase and will only earn the 1% base rebate.

2The credit type and credit limit will depend on verification and approval of your credit history. The Annual Percentage Rate is based on certain credit-worthiness criteria. The information listed is subject to change.