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Turn spending into saving!

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Reward yourself.
  1. Overview


Earn points that can be redeemed for travel, merchandise or loan rate reductions every time you use your qualifying Credit Union credit and debit cards.

Earn Points

Earning points is as simple as:

  • Using your Visa® Rewards credit card to earn 1 point for every $1 spent
  • Using your Visa Signature® card to earn 2 CURewards points for every dollar spent on gas, groceries and restaurants, and 1 CURewards point for every dollar spent on all other purchases¹
  • Using your Visa ATM/Debit Card with Rewards to earn 1 point for every $2 spent on signature-based transactions².

Earn more points by combining your Credit and Debit Card

Combine your credit card and debit card points for higher redemption potential by contacting Member Relations at 1-800-388-7000.

Earn points even faster in the CURewards Mall

The CURewards Mall lets you earn Mall points just by shopping at your favorite brand-name retailers. Simply click on the links in each offer, or use your card when shopping in participating retailers' stores.

Easy access to rewards

Access the CURewards Mall at curewards.com.


Redeem for Travel and Merchandise Rewards

Points can be redeemed for airline tickets, cruises, car rentals, and hotel stays, as well as merchandise.

CURewards has 13 outstanding levels of quality name-brand products, with hundreds items to choose from.

To redeem your rewards points for travel and merchandise:

  • Login to Online Banking, using your username and password 
  • Select your checking or credit card account to view and redeem your Rewards points 
  • You can also visit curewards.com and login using a separate username and password 
  • For travel, call the CURewards travel agency at 800-900-6160 
  • For merchandise, complete and return the order form at curewards.com. You'll receive your reward within four to six weeks. 

To reduce your Credit Union loan rates:

Use your CURewards points to reduce your rate on your Credit Union loan by as much as 2.00% APR! Contact us for complete details.

You will earn 1 point per dollar on all new net retail qualifying purchase transactions (purchases less credits, returns, and adjustments).You will also earn an additional 1 point for each dollar of net eligible purchases on gas, grocery and restaurants made at retail establishments that classify their merchant location for Visa in one of the following bonus categories: gas station, grocery store, and quick service payment/fast food restaurant/restaurant. Non-fuel purchases at gas station locations in the bonus category shall be treated as a regular purchase and will only earn 1 point per dollar.