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Investing in a Share Certificate is ideal for members who want to increase their earnings at a higher rate* than a standard savings account, and have the means to secure their funds for a longer period of time.

You’ll benefit from a Certificate by getting:

  • Security you don’t get from a unpredictable stock market
  • The assurance that you’ll receive a guaranteed rate of return.
  • Earn a higher APY than our regular Certificates when you qualify for Rewards Rates.
  • If you want your funds more available than a longer term Certificate offers, a Certificate ladder might be a good strategy for you.

    By dividing your money up into several Certificates with different terms or maturity dates, you can still take advantage of earning a higher rate of return and having access to your money each year when individual Certificates mature.

    Here’s an example of how a Certificate ladder could work:

    1. There is $10,000 available to invest

    2. Five Certificates with various terms, each with $2,000, are opened as follows:

    3. Each year, a Certificate will mature. When it does, continue to roll it over into the longest term (the above example shows a 60 month term).

    4. Even though you’re rolling your Certificates over, you will still have an opportunity, each year, to use your funds if needed for other purposes.

    To open a new Certificate:

  • Log into Online Banking and select “Open An Account”
  • Contact Member Relations at 800-388-7000
  • Visit your local service center
  • ¹Rates accurate as of 1/31/14 and subject to change. The minimum balance required to open a Certificate Account and obtain the above annual percentage yield (APY) is $500. The APY is based on the assumption that dividends will remain in the account until maturity. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. Penalty may reduce earnings. The APY is based on qualifying for the rewards rate. To qualify for a Rewards Rate Certificate Account, you must have two of the following relationships: direct deposit of at least $500 per month into a credit union checking account; at least $25,000 on deposit; or a qualifying loan in good standing. Qualifying loans include: Mortgage, Home Equity, Auto, and Credit Cards. A qualifying loan must have a current balance and credit cards must have a transaction within the past 30 days. Any Credit Union loan that is not in good standing or delinquent will disqualify you for Rewards Rates. Offer expires 4/30/14.

    *View full rates and disclosure