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Vacation and Holiday Club Savings

Vacation and Holiday Club Savings

Manage your savings to reach your goals.

Planning ahead for expenses you know you’ll have (for example: vacations or celebrations) by setting aside money, is a smart choice. Your Credit Union offers two types of Savings accounts as an opportunity to save for these events—Vacation and Holiday Club.

Benefits of a Vacation or Holiday Club Savings account include:

  • Peace of mind from knowing you’ll have the funds needed for your expenses
  • More convenience in your life with automatic transfers from your Credit Union Checking account, or any other account—even external institutions.
  • A Vacation or Holiday Club Savings account also provides:

  • No minimum balance requirement to open
  • No withdrawal limits on a Vacation Savings account
  • Easy Access to Holiday Club Savings account funds with a convenient automatic transfer of your balance to your checking or savings account on November 1. (Prior withdrawals are subject to an early withdrawal fee.)
  • To open a new Vacation or Holiday Club Savings account:

  • Login to Online Banking and select “Open An Account” from the navigation on the right, then select the account type from the drop down on the following page and follow the prompts to open and fund your new account.
  • Contact Member Relations at 800-388-7000
  • Visit your local Service Center.