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Deposit Anywhere Hits $10 Million Milestone

Deposit Anywhere Hits $10 Million Milestone

May 1, 2011 – Vernon Hills, IL - Deposit Anywhere, BCU’s innovative tool that allows members to deposit checks with their iPhone or Android, has clicked with members. In less than six months, this popular convenience has caught on to the tune of $10 million dollars in deposits received.

The member whose recent deposit pushed the dollar total over the benchmark, has been a loyal member of the Credit Union for many years. She as well as her husband quickly adapted to Deposit Anywhere and love to use it on a regular basis. As said by our member, “It is an incredible convenience for us to simply be able to use our phone or scanner, both of which we have used, to deposit our checks. Plus it provides peace of mind, always being in control of when funds hit our account.”

This new service has had such tremendous performance, it lead for a feature story in BCU’s service provider’s, EasCorp, monthly newsletter, who was cited as calling the launch “a resounding success.”

With Deposit Anywhere, members can use a scanner, iPhone(TM) or Android(TM) powered phone to deposit their check. In most cases, funds are posted to the account immediately and the member can avoid a trip to an ATM or branch.

This enhancement was done in an effort to expand our convenience offerings to our members and further reach out to members who may not have direct deposit from their employers, or easy access to a branch, deposit-taking ATM, or shared branch.