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Information on your credit report directly impacts your financial freedom. Whether you’re working to build your credit or get out of debt, it’s important to understand what affects your credit score and how you can protect it. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing real-world education, we’ve created these resources to help you secure a strong financial future. Get more information with our helpful articles, videos, and interactive tools:

   Featured Video: Breaking Down Loan Jargon

Reading loan documents can leave you feeling like you’re swimming in alphabet soup. Here are some common terms that you need to know to be loan-literate.

Calculators and Interactive Tools
Authorized Credit User: Making Informed Decisions
Staying Safe Online
Refinance Your Loans and Save
Breaking Down Loan Jargon
The LAUNCH™ Card: Your Credit Solution
Repaying Your Student Loans
Understanding Your Credit Report & Score
Your Credit Score
How Do I Correct Something on my Credit Report?
Credit Score Quiz
Check Your Credit Report
Are Balance Transfers for You?
The Real Price of a Credit Card Purchase
Credit Coach™: Your Credit Report Review Go-To
What to Prioritize on Your Credit Report
Authorized Credit Card Users: Making Informed Decisions
Staying Safe Online
Refinance Your Loans and Save
Understanding Credit for College Students
Breaking Down Loan Jargon
Repaying Student Loans
Using Credit Wisely
Improving Your Credit Score
High Cost Financial Services
Understanding Your FICO Score
Credit Cards Articles
Credit Report & Score Toolkit
The World of Credit Reports (Podcast)
What Will It Take to Pay Off My Balance?
Should I Consolidate My Credit Cards?
Should I Consolidate My Debts?
Which is Better: Flight Card or Low Rate Card?
Which is Better: Rebate Card or Low Rate Card?
Should I Use a Home Equity Loan or an Auto Loan?
How Important is the Interest Rate?
How Large a Line of Credit Can I Obtain?
What Will It Take to Pay Off My Line of Credit?
How Much Will My Loan Payments Be?
Is a Lower Rate Worth the Annual Fee?
How Will Rate Changes Affect My Balance?
What Will My Tax Savings Be?

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