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Tax Assistance

Tax Assistance

Because we’re committed to helping our members achieve financial independence and security, we’re providing you with this library of financial information so that you can make more informed financial decisions and achieve your goals. We encourage you to use these articles and resources to help you find answers to your financial questions.

Learn how to save money on your taxes and find the answers to many of your tax-related questions.

"A" is for "Audit" and How to "Avoid" One
Adjustments, Exemptions, Deductions and Credits Reduce Your Tax Bill Four Ways
Computers Make Tax Filing a Do-It-Yourself Project
Correct Withholding Means No Tax Bill and No Interest-Free Loan
Five Strategies for Reducing Your Tax Bill
How to settle with the IRS when you can’t pay your tax bill
Tax breaks make homeownership possible
Tax Issues for Retirement Planning
Tax Records: To Save or Not to Save
The ABCs of Filing Your Taxes
The Tax Consequences of Being a Couple
When your 1040EZ is too hard: Getting help from the tax pros

Additional Resources

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