Goal Consultants

Free, personalized financial advice from an expert. Your dreams never had it so good.

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  1. Overview


The Credit Union has certified Goal Consultants on staff to help you feel great about your finances. The discussions are complimentary and tailored to your situation and ambitions. The service is offered for members and eligible non-members alike. A single 30-minute discussion is all it takes to get you started on your discovery of financial freedom.

Goal Consultants will help you conquer:

  • Understanding your credit report and score
  • Creating a spending plan
  • Debt reduction
  • Saving for emergencies and more

Start now: 

Setting a credit report appointment:

Get copies of your SavvyMoney or annualcreditreport.com credit reports, and then set up a 30-minute appointment to review them with a Goal Consultant. 


Setting a budget appointment::

Complete and save this budget worksheet and then set up a 30-minute appointment to review it with a Goal Consultant.