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Goal Consultants

Work with an expert on turning your credit reports and budget into engines for success.

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Charting the course to your aspirations.
  1. Overview


If you’re like most people, you’ve got financial goals you want to achieve, whether it’s buying a home, getting out of debt, or simply being able to put more money into savings. It’s the Credit Union’s mission to give you all the tools and guidance you need to turn your hopes into a solid financial plan for getting there.

The Credit Union has certified Goal Consultants on staff to analyze your budget and/or credit report with you to determine your next steps for faster goal achievement. The discussions are non-judgmental and personalized your situation and ambitions.

Goal Consultants work with you on:

  • Understanding and prioritizing items on your credit report
  • Knowing the factors impacting your score the most
  • Learning how to correct mistakes on your reports
  • Aligning your spending and savings plan with your goals
  • Freeing up room in your budget for aggressive savings

Get started by:

Reaching out to talk with a Goal Consultant about your questions, or to setting up a time to discuss your situation in more detail. The service is completely free and there are no strings attached.

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