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FREE Online Bill Pay

Save time, stamps, and hassle.

Ahhhhh, freedom!

No more check book. No more post office. No more stacks of paper bills.

Now, you’ll have more time to enjoy the company of those you love. (And since you won’t be so stressed out, they’ll probably enjoy your company a little better, too.)

You won’t believe the convenience. Now, you can pay and keep track of all your bills and payments through one secure site. It's like having an electronic checkbook, only safer, easier, and 100% guaranteed.

With Online Bill Pay, you can:

  • Pay anyone, from the power company to your babysitter. Any person or company in the United States can be added as a payee.
  • Receive and pay eBills. Many companies can send you electronic bills (e-Bills) through Online Bill Pay. E-Bills are just like the paper bills you get in the mailbox, but they're conveniently delivered right to your computer. You'll find all the same information you're used to seeing in your paper bills. The e-Bill service provides a 100% guarantee that your e-Bill payments will get to where you send them on the date you specify.
  • Schedule repeating payments. Automatically make repeating payments, such as your mortgage payment or your rent, at the frequency you choose.
  • Make payments on the Internet with a secure and reliable system. Online Bill Pay uses SSL (secure sockets layer), which ensures that your connections and information are secure from outside inspection. Online Bill Pay also uses 128-bit encryption.

It’s easy to enroll in Online Bill Pay
If you're already using iTeller and have a checking account, simply log in, select the Pay Bills tab, and follow the enrollment directions. It's that easy.

Not using online banking yet?
Look for the Secure Login box on any web page. Select the "I’m logging in for the first time" link and follow the easy steps to create a secure password.

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