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Whether it’s saving for a college or teaching them how to be smart with their finances, every parent wants to help give their kids the best possible foundation. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing practical, real-world education, we’ve created these resources to help you build a strong financial future for you and your family. Get more information with our helpful articles, videos, and interactive tools:

   Featured Video: Raising Money Smart Kids

Many of us wish our parents would have taught us a bit more about managing money—it would have helped us avoid some costly mistakes along the way!

Trying to teach your kids avoid those mistakes? Here are some tips to help you start them down the right path.

Calculators and Interactive Tools
Filing Out the FAFSA
Teens and Money
How to Prepare, Pay and Stay in College
Raising Money Smart Kids
College Financing 101
Grants, Loans, and Work

Raising Money Smart Kids Webinar Recording
A Closer Look at the 529 Plan 
Tips for Allowance and Chores: Part 1 
Tips for Allowance and Chores: Part 2 
Grants, Loans, and Work

Raising Money Smart Kids
Teens and Money
Filling Out the FAFSA
Welcome to the Workforce!
Child Identity Theft
Last Minute Advice on College Financing
Paying for College Articles
Sources of Financial Aid

What kids need to know about money
Student, Loan, Toolkit
Practical Money Matters - Easing Student Loan Repayments (Podcast)
5 Spot: Money Smart Games for Elementary School Students
AJ’s: Financial Stories, Games, and Calculators for Middle Schoolers
C-Note: Money Skills for High School Students
What Investments Can I Use to Save for College?
Should I Live On Campus, Off Campus or At Home?
How Much Should I Budget for College Living Expenses?
Is a Meal Plan a Good Deal?
What Will It Take to Save for a College Education?
What Expenses Do I Face Prior to Attending College?
What Is The Value of Higher Education?

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