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Back-to-School Shopping Tips

Get the Kids School Ready without Over Spending

Boy Going to School
Back to School Savings

According to the National Retail Federation, this year the average household will spend $635 on back-to-school items like clothing, school supplies and electronics. Here are some tips to help you save on those expenses!

Make a List

Identify everything you need to purchase for school and other miscellaneous costs. Make sure you thoroughly examine the school’s supply list and determine what you have and can reuse and what you’ll need to buy new. Take this list with you shopping and stick to it!

Shop Early...

Many stores begin their weekend sales on Thursdays—avoid the weekend crowds and shop early so that you can avoid the masses and get your pick of items.

Or Shop Late!

Retailers don’t want to get stuck with leftover school supplies come September. The closer you get to the first day of school, the deeper the discounts that are offered on common back-to-school items.

Go Mobile

Use mobile apps to compare prices and find when to shop. Here are some apps that make online price comparison shopping easy and can you save a bundle:

Stick to the Basics

When shopping for kids’ clothing, stick to what they will need in the fall. If you spread out their clothing purchases throughout the school year, they won’t outgrow everything all at once!

Shop Tax Free

With the average local sales tax at 6.88%, you can save a bundle on your purchases by waiting for a Sales Tax holiday. Check the list of state Sales Tax holidays to see if your state participates.

Buy Textbooks on the Cheap

Students have several alternatives when buying textbooks but where exactly can they find the best deal? One site, book.ly, serves as a price comparison platform across all websites.