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Credit Coach™ Credit Report Review

Credit Coach™ Credit Report Review

We all understand that our credit score and credit report play a big role in our financial life. But even though we know this, all we seem care about is that tiny three digit credit score. But what about the information that drives that score, the credit report?

The credit report is your financial report card that plays a vital role in your overall financial wellness. With the Credit Union’s Credit Coach™ service, not only do you get a free copy of your credit report, you also get to review it with a credit expert in a quick session! This free service is offered to you as a valued Credit Union member – no strings attached. And don’t worry, pulling your credit report for this service doesn’t impact your score, unlike applying for a credit card or loan.

Getting started is simple, just call our partner BALANCESM at 888-456-2227 between 9am and 5pm CT and tell them that you would like to start your Credit Coach™ session. Yup, easy! You will then walk through your credit report line by line so you understand and confirm everything that is driving your credit score.

So what are you waiting for? Your credit rating to improve on its own? Again, call BALANCE at 888-456-2227 to get started. Credit Coach™ is just another way that We’ve Got Your Back™.

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