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Career Development

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Your first day
is just the beginning

We know that your next position won’t be your last. That’s why we offer onsite training classes and seminars, an entrenched mentoring program and tuition reimbursement. These include:

Talent Management

BCU offers numerous classes and seminars to all BCU staff during work hours to enhance the training and learning environment.

Mentoring Program

With our global mentoring program, you’ll have the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with current leaders. Our mentoring program promotes learning, creates a trusting environment to encourage more communication, enhances cross-functional awareness and helps build future leaders.

"The BCU Mentoring Program is an invaluable resource. The experience gives you the opportunity to meet and assist new people and to learn how other departments work within the organization. Meeting with a mentor helps you to step out of the box and think in a new way to solve business issues and problems."

- Supervisor, Investment Advisors

Tuition Reimbursement

If you are interested in pursuing additional education outside of the workplace, BCU supports and encourages you by providing varying levels of company reimbursement.