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Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program

BCU values the professional growth and development of our employees. Our global Mentoring Program provides our employees with an opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with current leaders, assistance with career development, and guidance on corporate vision and strategy. The goal of the program is to increase loyalty of our future leaders, promote learning, create a trusting environment to encourage more communication, and to enhance cross-functional awareness.

Each mentor and mentee are paired for a 3-12 month period; however, this time can be adjusted based on agreement between mentee and mentor.

This program is available to all BCU employees in good standing and is introduced during New Hire Orientation.

Recent Program Participants
"The BCU Mentoring Program is an invaluable resource whether you are a mentor or a mentee. The experience gives you the opportunity to meet and assist new people and to learn how other departments work within the organization. Meeting with a mentor helps you to step out of the box and think in a new way to solve business issues and problems. I highly recommend the program!"
- Supervisor, Investment Advisors

"Participating on both sides of this valuable program has been great – I get to learn from my mentor and my mentees, as well as gaining the sense of contributing to the success of BCU as a whole. I appreciate the opportunity to participate as both a mentor and a mentee."
- Director, Member Relations