BCU Supports Initiatives of Ecofriendly Charitites

July 3, 2013

BCU donates to two top rated environmental charities, the Wildlife Conservation Network and Ecotrust, as a result of a recent BCU Earth Day Promotion to reduce paper statements and bills.

This week, BCU donated a total of $5,000 to the Wildlife Conservation Network and Ecotrust, two ecofriendly charities dedicated to environmental well-being. The donations were collected from BCU’s Earth Day Promotion, which encouraged members to reduce their use of paper products by converting to online statements and bill pay enrollment. In the promotion, BCU donated $5.00 for every member who vowed to go green by participating and reducing their environmental footprint. The campaign was largely successful overall, and BCU saw that its members were more than eager to make every day Earth Day by going paperless.

The Wildlife Conservation Network and Ecotrust are recognized as being two top rated ecofriendly charities for their commitment to spreading the word about environmental integrity. The Wildlife Conservation Network is most heavily involved with conservation and the protection of endangered species, while EcoTrust emphasizes economic opportunity and social equality. Inspired by the mission of these two charities, BCU continues to encourage its members to learn more about how they can contribute to their communities.