Refreshed and Refined

April 1, 2018

“A new look, logo and tagline on the outside. The same credit union you know and trust on the inside”: That’s the promise BCU made when it introduced its’ refreshed brand to members in recent weeks, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive since.

“The core of who BCU is – grounded in extraordinary service to members – will never change,” said Jill Sammons, assistant vice president of brand and integrated marketing. “What’s changing is the way we express ourselves, narratively and graphically. Our new logo mark is inclusive, approachable, modern and friendly – a reflection of where we’ve been and a promise of where we’re headed.”

In late March, BCU members began to see the refreshed brand online and in printed materials, with physical spaces soon to follow.


A vibrant refresh of BCU’s signature blue color carries forward current brand equity, and remains a nod to the Credit Union’s humble beginnings with Baxter. A reimagined logo takes on lowercase letter forms and partners with an additional small space logo mark, allowing for abbreviation in short-form. “The use of the pattern and a very distinguishable small space logo mark “b” allows us to adopt a shortcut icon for the first time, serving as an exciting and unique extension of our new visual brand identity, something that’s very useful in digital platforms.” said Sammons.

The reaction has been one of support, with members calling the refresh a great movement forward.

“Much more than a new look, the reimagined brand represents a renewed commitment to what BCU stands for – our Purpose and Promise,” said Mike Valentine, BCU president & CEO. “It’s why we’re here, what each new day represents in the lives of our members, and how we empower the promise of a bright financial future in everyone’s tomorrow. “


Celebrated as “simple, clear and easy to understand”, the Credit Union’s renewed brand promise has quickly been embraced by members and employees alike.

“The new Here Today For Your Tomorrow tagline succinctly captures our essence, position and value proposition,” said John Sahagian, vice president of marketing and member intelligence. “It means we are not just here to meet today’s needs, but for each member’s life journey. It signifies that we’ll remain current on all banking trends and can offer members everything they need to experience a bright financial future.”

"A Great Movement Forward"

“It’s very rewarding to look back on how far we’ve come,” said Valentine. “This refresh ensures that the BCU brand reflects where we are headed, empowering people all over the U.S. and Puerto Rico to discover financial freedom.”

The rollout of BCU’s brand refresh will continue over the next 12 months.