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Power Interest Checking

A checking account with higher earning power, rewards points, and no monthly maintenance fee.

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Make your money Work for you
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Enjoy a high interest rate, rewards and convenience with no monthly fee.

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The dividend rate and annual percentage yield (APY) may change at any time. Balances up to $25,000 will earn the stated higher rate and the portion of the balance over $25,000 will earn the stated lower rate. See rate sheet or website for current rates. There is no minimum balance required to earn dividends. Dividends are paid monthly and calculated based on the average daily balance method. Dividends will be earned if your account meets all of the following monthly requirements: Monthly direct deposit of at least $500 into your Power Interest Checking account, enrollment in online statements with a valid email address, and complete a minimum of fifteen (15) transactions that include any combination of the following: BCU Debit Card PIN, Debit Card signature, credit card purchases, Online Bill Pay or ACH payments, which apply toward the monthly requirements in the month they post to your account. Credit card transactions that post on the last day of the month will be applied toward the following month’s transaction total. Accounts not meeting all monthly requirements will not earn interest and will be charged an ATM Excessive Withdrawal Fee for each ATM transaction over five per month. See Service Charges and Fees Schedule in Deposit Account Agreement for further details. Power Interest Checking is available as a personal account only and limited to one account per member. If you do not have sufficient funds in your checking account to clear a presented item, funds may automatically transfer from another share and may count towards withdrawal limitations for that other share. (Regulation D dictates that electronic transfers from Savings are limited to six per month. Overdraft transfers are automated electronic transfers, which are subject to Regulation D rules. Each transfer in excess of six per month is subject to a $3 excessive withdrawal fee).