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Rainy Day Savings

Be prepared for unplanned expenses and get rewarded with an interest rate that doubles after the first year.

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Get rewarded For your responsibility
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Quickly save enough money to provide financial security against unexpected expenses.

Rainy Day Savings at a glance:

  • Earn interest on the entire balance with the highest rate on the first $25,000
  • See your interest rate increase after twelve consecutive months of depositing at least $25 per month
  • Make an initial deposit of up to $1,000 to jump start your savings and a maximum of $500 per month thereafter
  • Easily transfer funds from any account – even external institutions
  • Make up to 2 withdrawals each year without penalty.

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Rainy Day Savings is a tiered, interest-bearing account based on qualifying activity and balance. To qualify for the stated APY, a monthly deposit must be made of at least $25, not to exceed $500. During the first calendar month only, a member may deposit up to $1,000. Deposit amounts exceeding the monthly maximum deposit will be transferred to the member’s Regular Savings account. Balances for the first 12 consecutive qualifying calendar months; beyond the first 12 months, but less than $25,000; and above $25,000 will earn different rates as posted. For months in which the minimum deposit requirement is not fulfilled, the Regular Savings rate will be paid. Rates are subject to change without notice. No withdrawal is allowed for the first 90-days and two withdrawals are allowed per calendar year. Additional withdrawals will result in a penalty which reduces earnings. Limit one account per individual.  Rainy Day Savings is available as a personal account only and limited to one account per member.