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Meet the renewed, refined BCU

Our refreshed brand acknowledges the Credit Union's humble beginnings, the growth that got us where we are today, and ensures that the BCU brand reflects where we're headed, empowering people all over the U.S. and Puerto Rico to discover financial freedom.

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Here Today For Your Tomorrow.

More than a new look, new logo and rallying cry, we are here for your life’s journey - providing the value, caring support and service you deserve today, and every day.


 Inclusive, modern and friendly – the new brand is designed to be something you, our members can be proud of.

Renewed Commitment

Our passion is empowering everyone to discover financial freedom. Count on us to deliver peace of mind knowing you’re making smart financial decisions. We understand you might need a hand once in a while, and we have only your best interests at heart.


Every aspect of the brand has been rethought and reimagined. The new brand emerges with our commitment to be forward-thinking on banking trends and offer you everything you need to experience a bright financial future.

What does the BCU brand refresh mean for you?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my account access change due to the refreshed brand?

You won’t experience any changes to your accounts or the way you access your money as a result of this refresh. Note: when using online banking from your desktop, the login box has moved to the upper right corner of your screen.

Why am I being asked to enter my login ID/user name twice?

In some circumstances you may be asked to enter your login ID on the homepage and again on the login screen, even if you have checked "remember me". We are working to correct this issue. In the meantime, it may help to clear the cache on your system and refresh your screen.

Why do I see both the old and new logo in the mobile app?

If you are seeing both the old and the new logos in the mobile app, please check to see if the application has been updated on your device (updates are visible in your App store application). Once the app updates (manual or automatic), you should only see the new BCU logo.

Where will I see the refresh?

The new look is being rolled out across many of our digital spaces in late March, 2018. Very soon, you’ll see it in all of our communications and service center locations, too.

Was BCU sold or has it merged?

No, BCU has not been sold, merged or acquired. We updated our look and brand, but we remain the credit union you’ve relied on since 1981.

What does the tagline mean, “Here Today For Your Tomorrow”?

It means that we are here not just today, but for your life’s journey. It signifies that we are committed to being forward-thinking on banking trends and will offer you everything you need to experience a bright financial future.

Will checks, ATM, debit and credit cards still work?

Absolutely! All checks and cards will continue to work just as they did before the new brand was announced. Eventually, as credit and debit cards expire, BCU will issue new cards that reflect the refreshed brand.

Got it, got it and got it. Now, how do I log in? Where did the login box go?

Very astute! The login box on the homepage has moved. It is now located in the upper right of the page, in the utility bar above the navigation.