Our Tax-Exempt Status

What it is, why it matters and what you can do to help.

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Investing in members
drives our mission

As a credit union, we're a special type of financial institution. Because we're member-owned and operated for the benefit of the community, we don't have the same profit incentives as banks. Being a credit union means we look out for our members, not some far-away shareholders!

Because we reinvest our profits in member benefits, we're both not-for-profit and tax-exempt. This special status allows us to help small businesses and working families with lower interest rates on loans and higher interest rates on savings accounts.

Big bank lobbyists in Washington are threatening credit unions' tax-exempt status, arguing that taxing credit unions will help the economy. Don't be fooled. It won't help the economy, but it will help... you guessed it: big banks! Taxing credit unions will hurt the 100 million Americans who are members along with the countless small businesses who count on us for help.

Learn More:

  • Don't Tax My Credit Union - "Don't Tax My Credit Union" is a national campaign dedicated to ensuring that Congress doesn't raise taxes on credit unions and our 96 million members. Visit the site to share your story, get involved on social media and tell Congress and big bank lobbyists lay off!
  • Facebook.com/MyBCU - Our Facebook page keeps you up to date on what's happening at BCU. Like BCU on Facebook to learn what's new at the Credit Union. Check back often for money-saving tips, contests (hello prizes!) and events.