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Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit Manage your money. Save time.

To make your hard-earned money work for you, have it safely and quickly deposited directly into your checking (or savings) account.

Direct Deposit gives you quicker access to your money, as the funds are electronically deposited into your account – normally before paper checks are distributed or mailed. This method also safeguards against lost or stolen checks, protecting you from fraud or simply a hassle.

Plus it’s easy to set up. All your payroll department will need is our routing number (271992400) and your account number located on your personal checks (or your savings account number).

Key Benefits

  • Automatically deposits paychecks and other forms of income directly to your account
  • Provides the quickest access to your funds
  • Is easy to enroll with our routing number (271992400) and your account number
  • Protects against lost and stolen checks
  • Expedites money management through Online Banking and Online Bill Pay
  • Can help start earning interest faster