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Visa® Travel Card

Travel with peace of mind.

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Travel wisely.
  1. Overview


Carrying cash can be risky when you travel. It can be lost or stolen, taking the fun out of any vacation. When you're preparing for your next trip, be sure to get a Visa Travel Card from BCU.

What sets this card apart:

  • Easily replaceable in case of loss or theft
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Load or add pre-paid funds to your account from $25 to $5,000.

Card benefits:

  • Access to cash 24 hours a day at nearly 300,000 ATMs worldwide
  • Comes with a PIN so the card can be used at ATMs
  • Check your balance anytime online or by phone
  • Purchase a personalized card for $3.50 (Non-personalized can be purchased for $2.50)
  • A transaction register to help keep track of your card’s balance
  • Reload your card up to three times for a non-personalized card and unlimited times for a personalized one.

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