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Youth Savings

Resources to teach children that money does grow—just not on trees.

It’s never too early to start teaching children about saving for their future, and partnering with your Credit Union for Youth Savings accounts is a smart move.

Benefits of a Youth Savings account include:

  • Pride knowing you’re teaching your kids about the importance of saving, which is a solid foundation to a successful future.
  • Having a good answer when your kids ask you to buy something: “Now you can save for it with your savings account.”
  • The convenience of being able to automatically transfer funds into a Youth Savings account—even from external institutions.
  • A Youth Savings account also provides:

  • Online activities and resources through our partner, Googolplex, to teach children of all ages the essentials of savings—from counting coins to the basics of creating a budget.
  • To open a Youth Savings account:

  • Apply online (in the child’s name) and select “Stepping Stones Savings account” from the drop-down on the second page of the application
  • Contact Member Relations at 800-388-7000
  • Visit your local Service Center.