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Why is the Credit Union switching from Credit Karma to SavvyMoney?

May 20, 2015

SavvyMoney® gives us multiple advantages. First, with SavvyMoney, we get a best-in-class partner who provides not only credit scores, but also valuable guidance from personal finance expert and best-selling author Jean Chatzky.

Second, we can now provide free credit scores for all members on an account instead of just the primary member. This way, everyone on the account can take advantage of getting their free credit score through Online Banking.

Lastly, SavvyMoney will allow us to offer you even more helpful and comprehensive financial services moving forward. In the future, we plan on expanding free credit scores to mobile, making it easier to take advantage of the cost savings available through SavvyMoney and receive personalized product offers directly through Online Banking.

- Scott S.