5 Creative Throwback Ideas this Valentine’s Day

Retro is the new cool! Get creative without breaking the bank this Valentine’s Day with a little old school romance.

Hand holding heart-shaped lollipop

Make this year memorable with 5 thoughtful throwback ideas that cost next to nothing.

The Classic Mix Tape

Make a mix tape. You remember those? Nothing takes you back in time quite like a collection of your favorite songs, or songs with a specific theme. Mix “tapes” are made much easier these days because of iTunes. (Double points if you’ve still got an original tape deck to play it on).

Library Movie Night

Instead of Redbox or your usual Netflix line-up, check out the romantic movies available at your local library. You can find some of the great old romances from the golden age of film—Casablanca, An Affair to Remember, and Singin’ in the Rain are all classics that never get old.

Little Love Notes

Leave a trail of handwritten notes where you know your honey will find them sharing your favorite memories together. Leave a sticky note on the bathroom mirror, slip another one in her wallet, and another on her steering wheel to make it sweet fun scavenger hunt-style.

No-Tech 24

Go offline for 24 hours! These days, we are all addicted to our phones and social media. Make an agreement to turn off the tech and give each other the gift of your undivided attention this Valentine’s Day—you’ll be surprised just how freeing it is!


How long has it been since just the two of did something as simple as taking a walk together? Pick out a park you've never visited, or go to your old favorite spot. Couple it with the picnic idea and you're set. Still a little chilly this time of year? Carpet picnics can be just as fun!

This article was originally written by Emily Guy Birken for PT Money, LLC.