How to Stay Secure Online

Keeping Your Identity Safe Online.

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Keeping You Safe

There are important steps you must take to protect the security of your accounts and information:

Take care of your personal information.

Your personal information is present on mail, credit cards, and identification. Protecting these pieces of information is the first step in reducing your risk of identity theft and fraud.

Protect your password.

Make sure to keep your password a secret. Don’t write it down, don’t share it with anyone else and if you’re using a computer in a public area, make sure nobody else is watching your keystrokes as you enter your password.

Keep your browser and operating system up to date.

New versions and updates often include important security enhancement and can be downloaded – usually for free – on the vendor’s website. Some browser programs even scan your computer (with your permission) to see if the software on your computer needs to be updated.

Update your anti-virus software regularly.

Anti-virus software needs frequent updates to guard against new viruses, so be sure to download updates as soon as they’re available. Some anti-virus software will even check for virus updates whenever you connect to the Internet.

Provide information only to trusted sources.

You should share your information only with trusted sources. If you can’t verify the identity of the source asking for your personal information, you should be very cautious about sharing any information with this source. To ensure you always stay up to date with BCU news and information please add to your address book or safe list.

Eliminate paper and increase security.

Recent studies have shown that a very easy way to protect your personal information is to limit the amount of paper that has your personal information printed on it. Some ways you can eliminate paper and increase your security are:

  • Reduce the amount of mail you receive that displays personal information by signing in to Online Banking and enrolling in Online Statements to receive your statements online (as well as with your other service providers). Also, increase security in return by signing up for Online Bill Pay.
  • Shred unnecessary financial documents before throwing them away.
  • Sign up for Enhanced Direct Deposit™ to have the funds put directly in your account without the need for paper checks.

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