Saving Tips for Your Wedding Day

Cutting costs but keeping your dream wedding.

Helpful saving tips for your big day.

The average wedding now-a-days costs around $28,000 and that's excluding the honeymoon…But there are certain areas in your wedding where you might be able to cut down costs. Here are a few tips to consider when planning your big day.

Time, Date & Place

"Wedding Season" typically takes place between April and December. You and your partner will find it more expensive and difficult to book your wedding during these months. However, booking in the off season may guarantee you about a 15% savings. Having your wedding on a nontraditional day such as a Friday night or even a Sunday can also help you cut expenses. You may be surprised to see how much you and your partner can save just by changing the time of your wedding and or reception. Instead of a dinner why not switch it up and try a lunch or brunch time wedding? You may be amazed to see the difference in price.

Location of your wedding is a major driving cost factor in your wedding. Rather than having your reception at a typical country club or banquet hall try something more unique or a place that has meaning to you and your partner. Maybe it's your parents' backyard, a forest preserve or a state park. Another idea is to have your reception at the same place where your ceremony will be held. Many churches have banquet halls and offer discounts if your ceremony takes place at their church.

Ditch the Paper

Many couples are choosing to forgo invitations, programs and favors all together. Instead, some couples have gone digital and simply emailed all the necessities for the wedding. Not only are they cutting costs but being environmentally conscience at the same time.

If you still would like invitations and programs for your wedding, turning them into a Do It Yourself (DIY) project might be your best bet to help you save. You and your partner can add your own personal flair to each invite or program, making these pieces of paper more memorable and personable. There are hundreds of websites and resources out there to help you with ideas for DIY wedding projects from Pinterest to, saving tips basically at your fingertips!

Favors for each person at or in your wedding can definitely add up. A simple suggestion might be you and your partner baking your famous chocolate chip cookies and wrapping them up for guests to enjoy. Baking your most beloved dish can help cut some serious cash but may be time consuming so recruiting your friends and family to help wouldn't hurt.

Eat and Drink

As mentioned earlier just by switching the time of your wedding from dinner to lunch or brunch will help you save a good chunk of money. A second option for saving on your wedding would be choosing to have appetizers served rather than a dinner entrée or buffet. Another good idea is to have a combination plate and not an entrée. With a combination plate your guests get to taste a little bit of everything.

Alcohol and liquor can run the cost of your wedding through the roof. Most wedding venues charge for every bottle opened, even if it is more than half full. One way of limiting the bar cost is for you and your partner to have a signature drink using one type of liquor, and having a few other types of alcohol stocked based on your wedding guests' preferences. Serving only beer, wine and champagne (only for important toasts) will also help you cut back on expenses.

The Dress

Purchasing a wedding dress, for some is the last place they want to cut back on expenses, which is understandable. While for others it's a must. For starters check to see if your favorite designer is having any sample sales in the near future. Wedding dresses at sample sales can be anywhere from $1,000 off their original price tags. Also, there are several websites available for you to rent dresses or even purchase second hand wedding dresses for a cheaper price.

The Photographer

Remembering you and your partner's special day is one for the books. Obviously, you will want pictures and videos to remember it by. But hiring professional help does get expensive. See if the photographer you plan on hiring offers a less expensive package. Maybe you purchase the 500 picture package instead of the 1,000 or have your photographer for a 4 hour time frame instead of 7.

Another route you may want to try is booking a photography student who needs help building a portfolio. But, make sure you check out their current portfolio, since you will want quality photos. If you're tech savvy, one way to capture all those special moments is by creating a hashtag (#) for guests to tweet, tag, or at you (@). This way you are able to access pictures sooner than you would with a photographer.


Centerpieces are definitely another aspect of your wedding that can be a DIY project. Purchasing vases from home stores and flowers from your local florist will help you stay within budget. If you prefer to have a florist design your centerpiece, ask for seasonal and local flowers. Also, ordering just one type of flower will allow your florist to bulk order and cut down on costs.

One thought to keep in mind is hiring a wedding planner. Now this may sound counterproductive but think about it. A wedding planner has years of experience of negotiating costs from venue to flowers. They are used to working within a set budget and have relationships with many wedding vendors. Whatever you choose to do whether it's a DIY wedding or an all-out glam wedding make sure you budget, plan and save where you can!