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We've Got Your Back

We've Got Your Back

Our members are always at the center of what we do at the Credit Union. They should be—they’re our owners, after all! So, if you’re going to own a Credit Union, we figured you should have an owner’s manual.

We invite you to read real stories from the front lines, 7 things you won’t hear at the Credit Union, and more about how “We’ve Got Your Back.” We could give you as many examples as you wanted, but for space, we’ve listed our favorite 6:

1.  We look you in the eye, shoot straight, and understand that it’s hard to earn a living today. We’re real people, not stuffy bankers.

2.  The Credit Union is not-for-profit. After satisfying our goals for financial stability, profits generated by the Credit Union are returned to members in the form of better rates, lower fees, and higher value products.

3.  We’ll help you realistically plan for college so you don’t have to cross your fingers and hope that your kid lands a basketball scholarship. (And, if she does, we’ll marvel at her crossover dribble.)

4.  There are tens of thousands of surcharge-free network ATMs around the country where you can access your money without being dinged a few bucks for the privilege.

5.  Our members own the Credit Union—not a bunch of Wall Street tycoons. So when you join the Credit Union, you’re automatically a shareholder. And that makes you a VIP we have to answer to. How’s it feel?

6.  We’ll watch your back, and never make a funny face behind your back or stick you with a post-it note that has an embarrassing message like “kick me.”