About BCU

Our success is measured by empowering members to achieve their goals.

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Celebrating 36 years of serving our members.
  • Our story began in 1981, when a group of executives at Baxter Healthcare decided to establish a new Credit Union for the convenience and financial well-being of their employees.

    From modest beginnings, our financial institution quickly grew to $500 million in assets in 1999 and then to the more than $2.8 billion in assets and over 200,000 members today. We've grown to be one of the nation's top 100 credit unions, but still hold individual member satisfaction as the greatest measure of our success.

    Because BCU’s growth is channeled back into providing the best tools and resources for our members, the Credit Union’s future is sure to be full of products and services continuously at the leading edge of financial empowerment. Whether it’s through providing our exclusive workplace banking solutions or allowing you to manage your money anytime and anywhere, BCU always turns collective member gains into the best possible services and resources for you.

    We never lose sight of the fact that your life and dreams are as unique as you are, so our solutions are never one-size-fits-all. After all, you’re an owner and we strive to make sure you always feel like one.

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  • Your people are our passion. We exclusively partner with select employer groups to offer products and services that help your employees’ financial well-being and enhance the value that defines your organization.

    Working with us, your employees benefit from the competitive banking services, ongoing financial education, and product superiority with access anytime, anywhere. It’s banking designed for your organizational needs.

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