Credit Builder Loan

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Establish or restore your credit while you build savings for the future.

Uniquely designed to help improve your credit history, the funds from the loan are placed in an account for safekeeping while you make scheduled payments.

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Click “Make an Appointment” to select a day and time to apply with a loan representative. You will also be able to finalize the loan amount and term (up to 24 months).

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Make Payments

Your loan funds are held in a BCU savings account while you make scheduled payments for the full term of the loan.3

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Establish Credit

Making consistent monthly payments will help you establish a positive credit history as your activity is reported to national credit bureaus.

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Receive Funds

Once your loan is paid in full, the funds become available for use.

Benefits include:


Credit Saver

Build or rebuild your credit score and save while you borrow.1

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Flexible Terms

Loan terms up to 24 months.


Loan Amount

Loan amount of $500 to $3,000 is held in a secured savings account as you make payments. Loan funds are released when then loan is paid in full.

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Low Rate

Fixed 4.50% APR.2

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Credit Builder Loan?

    Whether you’re starting fresh or picking up where you left off, our Credit Builder loan is a great way to establish or restore a positive credit history and build your savings at the same time!

  • When do I receive the funds?

    Your funds and earned dividends are held in a secured savings account while you make monthly payments on your loan. Loan funds are then made available when your loan is paid in full.

  • Can I pay off the loan early?

    Regular monthly payments are important to building a positive credit history. If you secure a Credit Builder Loan, you should plan to make consistent payments through the loan’s scheduled completion date.

  • How much will the loan improve my credit score?

    There's no guarantee as to how much a Credit Builder Loan will improve your credit score because there are many different variables that can impact your credit score. However, your credit report will reflect your successful completion of on-time, scheduled payments – an important factor in improving your score.

  • Is there a fee to get the loan?

    There are no application or origination fees for the loan.

  • Once I pay off the Credit Builder Loan, will I qualify for another loan with BCU?

    Completing a Credit Builder Loan doesn’t automatically qualify you for additional loan products, but our underwriters do consider several factors when reviewing your loan request - including credit history and financial standing. Therefore, successful completion of your Credit Builder loan can provide evidence of your financial responsibility.

  • What's the difference between Credit Builder Loan and a Personal Loan?

    A Credit Builder Loan is designed to establish a positive credit history while building savings for the future. Loan funds are placed in an account for safekeeping while you make scheduled payments.

    A personal loan provides funds that are available immediately for your use.

  • Disclosure


    1Results are not guaranteed and the improvement in your credit score is dependent on your financial behavior. Even if you are paying your loan, credit problems on other accounts you own such as late payments, missed payments and other defaults may impact your credit score. This loan will not remove negative credit history from your credit report.

    2APR is Annual Percentage Rate. APR is subject to change. The rate listed assumes a loan term up to 24 months. The rate is subject to credit certification and approval. An example of payment terms are as follows: an amount financed of $1,000 with an APR for 4.50% and a term of 12 months would have a monthly payment of $85.38.

    3The minimum loan amount of $500 is required to earn dividends. The dividend rate and annual percentage yield (APY) may change at any time. Dividends are calculated by the daily balance method which applies a daily periodic rate to the balance in the account each day. The dividend period for this account is monthly. Dividends will begin to accrue on the business day loan proceeds are placed into the account. If the account is closed before accrued dividends are credited, accrued dividends will not be paid. No withdrawals are allowed during the repayment of the loan. Loan funds and dividends earned will be moved to a regular savings and become available for use after full repayment of the loan.


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