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Lock in a great rate

Earn 2.60% APY1, on an 11-Month CD

when you deposit new money.
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Get a guaranteed return with peace of mind.

Our Certificates of Deposit (CDs), range from 3 months to 65 months, offering a fixed rate of return and the assurance your money is safe.

You'll benefit from:

  • Higher, guaranteed rates of return
  • An even higher rate of return when you qualify for Rewards Rates2
  • Peace of mind you don’t get from riskier investments
  • Accounts that are federally insured up to $250,000

Looking for an IRA or Roth IRA? IRA certificates are also available in terms from 3 months to 65 months.3

Certificates are only available by visiting a Service Center or calling 800-388-7000.

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APR = Annual Percentage Rate
APY = Annual Percentage Yield

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