BCU Gives Members Special Access to Innovative College Planning Tools


January 8, 2021

BCU, in partnership with Student Choice and Edmit, now provides members with special access to innovative planning tools and advising that will help student members and their families make smarter college financial decisions.

"As BCU continues to look for ways to help members achieve their financial goals, we've identified that paying for college is a significant investment for many students and their families," David Brydun, BCU vice president of consumer lending & business services said.

Beginning January 4, BCU members have free access to Edmit's online software (a $99 value) that offers tools and resources, like:

  • Personalized Advice: Decision support tools and a human touch to help navigate this significant emotional, financial decision
  • Learning Center: Extensive guides, lists, and resources related to paying for college
  • Software: Personalized aid and scholarship estimates, calculators, and college recommendations

Members can now take a deeper dive into their personalized 'financial fit scores' and receive accurate estimates of the costs, potential earnings outcomes, and affordability associated with each college.

"We're thrilled to bring this optimal resource to our members," said David Brydun. "Greater transparency early in the college selection process will help families make far more responsible choices and avoid excessive debt. It's opportunities like these that demonstrate how we're helping our members discover financial freedom every day."

With this new resource, members can get the best price possible and understand how they will pay for college with a recommendation of what combination of financial and merit aid, savings, work-study, and loans will be needed to cover college costs.

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