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Questions & Known Issues

Rest assured, we’re working on it!

We’re working hard to make your all-new Digital Banking experience the best it can be. Below is a list of issues we’re aware of and bugs we’re fixing. If you come across an issue that’s not on this list, we want to hear from you! Please share your feedback about the new Online Banking experience here.

Mortgages: If you have a Mortgage with the Credit Union, the amount of interest paid YTD is listed as $0.00 in the Mortgage Details screen.

Online Credit Card Statements: Some joint cardholders are unable to view online Credit Card statements.

Travel Notifications: Travel Notifications cannot be submitted through the mobile app at this time. Notifications can still be submitted online or through the mobile website.

eStatement Qualification for PowerPlus Checking: We understand that some members have had difficulty enrolling in eStatements in Online Banking. While we work to resolve this issue, we will waive the eStatement requirement for PowerPlus Checking.

PowerPlus Checking Widget: Some members are sporadically receiving an error message when opening the PowerPlus Checking widget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s new with Online Banking?

With a clean new look that’s consistent across all devices, it’s easier than ever to Connect Your Way. And enjoy feature enhancements that will help you manage your finances seamlessly, like:
  • The ability to see all your accounts in one place, including joint and external accounts
  • A customizable dashboard
  • Budgeting tools to help you achieve your financial goals
  • Quick and easy transfers
  • Enhanced security through device registration

I see more accounts in Online Banking than I did before. Why is that?

With the new Online Banking, you’re able to view and manage all of the loans and accounts associated with your Credit Union membership in one place—with one simple login. This includes your primary account(s), as well as any accounts on which you’re a joint owner.

If you have multiple memberships, you can see and transact on all of your accounts in one place, rather than having to log in to each individual membership to interact with those accounts. Learn more about the New Dashboard View.

Do I have the option to go back to the old Online Banking?

Because we’ve upgraded to a new and improved platform, we cannot revert back to the old Online Banking. But why go back? We’re confident you’ll enjoy the many enhancements we’ve made in the new Online Banking!

Can joint account holders create their own login ID and password in the new Online Banking?

Yes! Joint account holders are encouraged to establish their own Login ID and password. By doing this, they’ll be able to see their individual accounts and jointly-owned accounts in one place and not just those tied to the primary account holder. Learn more.

What do joint account holders see if they continue to log in using the primary account holder’s Login ID and password?

If using the primary account holder's Login ID and password, a joint account holder will see the account on which they're a joint, and they'll also see ALL the accounts tied to the primary account holder. This means the joint will have access to any account visible.

Joint owners will NOT see:

  • Their own individual accounts, unless they're jointly owned by the primary
  • Their own credit card, unless it's jointly owned by the primary
  • Any of their loans unless the primary is a co-borrower

Joint account holders will be able to establish their own Login ID and password. By doing this, they'll be able to see their individual accounts and jointly-owned accounts in one place.

Are there updates to Mobile Banking, too?

Yes, there are several enhancements to Mobile Banking as well, including:
  • Snapshot – check your selected account balances without having to log in
  • The ability to set up account alerts
  • External transfer capability
  • Card management – report a card as lost/stolen, make cash advances, set up travel notifications and more
  • The option to view budgets and savings goals set up in Online Banking
  • Secure messaging via Message Center

Are there resources available for using the new Online Banking?

Yes! We’ve developed a series of tutorial videos to walk you through the new Online Banking. You can also access additional FAQs via our Questions & Known Issues page.

I previously used the online budgeting and planning tool (Pilot). Has that gone away?

Yes. We’ve transitioned from the former budgeting and planning tool (Pilot) to a new, fully integrated tool within Online Banking. With the new budgeting tool, you can easily categorize your spending and income, create and manage budgets, and visually track the status right on your dashboard. Learn more.

I’m having trouble with Quicken® in the new Online Banking. Can you help?

As part of the Online Banking upgrade, there are a few steps you’ll need to complete to convert your Quicken account(s). Learn more.