Fix the phone tree, it is sometimes difficult to get to a live person and sometimes the choices are confusing. Please simplify.

January 1, 2016

We're excited to share the news that we recently enhanced our phone tree experience based on member feedback. We heard loud and clear you wanted us to shorten the process and reduce the number of choices. In response, we cut out over 40% of the old experience. We also took to heart the requests to “get me to a live person, fast.” Now, the entire experience is designed to get you where you need to be in less than 60 seconds. You also have the option to select “0” at any time to be connected with an advocate. Lastly, we acted on the requests to update our hold music. Today you can listen to a track that's both modern and pleasant. Keep an ear out for even more improvements to the phone experience in 2017.

— Tyler D.