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How can BCU help me rebuild my credit?

August 11, 2014

As your credit union, we offer a variety of solutions to help you rebuild or establish a positive credit history.

Our LAUNCH™ Visa credit card was designed to provide you access to the credit you need, while rebuilding a positive credit history. You can establish a credit line for as little as $150, secured by funds in your BCU Savings account.  And with on-time payments and regular deposits to your savings account, you can earn additional increases to your credit line.

Borrowing against funds in a BCU savings account or CD, or using stock as loan collateral is another good way to rebuild your credit. Making on-time payments to your loan will improve your credit rating. 

Our BALANCESM Financial Fitness program provides free and confidential counseling services to help you answer personal finance questions, manage your debt, and improve your credit.  Speak with an experienced counselor to ensure you understand your credit report, and discuss options for improving your credit.