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What are the checking account benefits offered by the Credit Union?

January 1, 2016

At BCU, checking starts and ends with our flagship PowerPlus Checking™. With this account you'll earn interest, access, and ease.

With PowerPlus Checking™ you can earn a high interest rate, receive reimbursement of non-BCU ATM fees, and there are no minimum balance requirement or monthly maintenance fees. Since 2015, members have earned over $5 million in dividends and received over $700,000 in ATM refunds with PowerPlus Checking™. To earn the benefits each month, qualify with:

  1. Monthly deposit of $500 or more made via Direct Deposit or Deposit Anywhere into your checking account.
  2. 15 Qualifying transactions (any combination of: debit purchases, credit purchases, online bill payments or ACH payments).
  3. Enrollment in electronic statements.

— Brett E., Manager-Deposit Products