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Why does the credit union not offer copies of members' credit reports?

February 23, 2015

At BCU, we want to make sure we’re providing you the most accurate information at all times. Credit reports must be sent directly from the reporting agency in order to give you the most detailed and up-to-date information. Within 60 days of BCU pulling your personal credit report or score, you are allowed to request a free copy directly from the credit bureaus by visiting www.annualcredit.com or calling 877-322-8228.   

We understand that your credit report and score are vital components of your overall financial wellness. That’s why BCU offers a great opportunity to gain a better understanding of your credit report with Credit Coach™. A free 30-minute Credit Coach session offers a one-on-one consultation with a credit expert from BALANCESM Financial Fitness Program. Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Call our partner, BALANCE, at 888-456-2227 between 9am and 5pm CT.
  2. Let the BALANCE representative know the Credit Union referred you for Credit Coach.
  3. Review your credit report with an expert and get all your credit-related questions answered by a pro!

- Jorge H