BCU Members Surpass $1 Million in HomeAdvantage™ Savings

March 28, 2016

HomeAdvantage Powered by CU Realty ServicesBCU announced that in just six years, its partnership with CU Realty Services has generated over $1 million in member rebates through the HomeAdvantage program. Members of the Credit Union who buy or sell a home using an agent in the HomeAdvantage network qualify to earn a 20% rebate on their real estate agent’s commission.

The HomeAdvantage service, which CU Realty extends to more than 100 credit unions, also provides members with free access to real estate listings, valuable research tools, experienced agent referrals and mortgage cost calculators.

A CUSO (Credit Union Service Organization), CU Realty counts BCU Vice President of Mortgage Lending Herb Behrens among its Board of Directors.

“We love being able to put money directly back into the pockets of our members,” BCU Mortgage Sales Director Bob Pondelicek said. “This milestone points to our continued push to make the home buying process as rewarding as possible for those we serve.”

BCU has led all Illinois credit unions in new mortgage originations every year since 2012.

This month, the Credit Union also announced it had reimbursed than $400,000 in Bank-ATM fees and over $3,000,000 in interest earned by members in the first year of its celebrated PowerPlus™ Checking account.

For more information, visit the HomeAdvantage™ page.