BCU Launches New Digital Banking Platform

September 30, 2017

Latop, phone and tablet on a tableBCU has launched its new Online Banking platform, transforming the Digital Banking experience for the Credit Union’s more than 200,000 members.

Partnering with Texas-based Tech company, Alkami, the Online Banking upgrade comes as a fast follower to the successful launch of BCU’s all-new Mobile Banking experience last year. Bringing parity to the Credit Union’s Mobile Banking App capabilities, members will now enjoy the same consistent experience and access to superior Digital Banking touchpoints across all of their devices.

New features of BCU’s upgraded Digital Banking experience include an aggregated account view, customizable dashboard, Pay Anyone, robust budgeting tools, quick and easy transfers, and more.

“Our new Digital Banking experience is more than an upgrade; it’s a transformation,” said Carey Price, BCU Chief Retail Officer. “The difference is that the model is shifting. We’re moving away from our proprietary desktop banking that we built in-house to one that we partnered with a company to keep pace with consumer digital demands. We will use Alkami's flexibility in the system to differentiate the experience.”

BCU’s Mobile Banking also enjoys some additional enhancements as part of the upgrade, including new features such as Balance Peek, card management tools, and a secure messaging feature – alongside the exciting introduction of wearables, including the availability of a BCU Apple Watch app.

“Together, we’ve been successful in delivering a robust new Online Banking platform that will continue to satisfy growing member needs for the long-term,” said Scott Schmidt, Assistant Vice President – Digital Services. “We’re ambitious about the future of BCU’s Digital Banking and expect to accomplish great things.”