BCU Members Surpass $2 million in HomeAdvantage™ Savings

November 1, 2017

Home IconA year after hitting the $1 million mark in six years of partnership, BCU announced that it has now doubled that amount, generating more than $2 million in mortgage Cash Rewards for members through the HomeAdvantage program. Members of the Credit Union who buy or sell a home using an agent in the HomeAdvantage network qualify to earn 20% Cash Rewards on their real estate agent’s commission. 

The HomeAdvantage service additionally provides members with free access to:

  • Real estate listings
  • Research tools
  • Referrals to experienced agents
  • Mortgage cost calculators

“We have continued to work really hard to create awareness of the HomeAdvantage program and the direct benefits it provides to our Members,” said BCU Mortgage Sales Director Bob Pondelicek. “We are thrilled to have hit this significant milestone in our partnership with CU Realty. Time and again they have proved to enhance the overall home-buying experience by providing first-rate agents and helping our members to recognize real savings.”

“The program’s growth in this past year has been exceptional,” said John Cepolski, Mortgage Sales Manager. “In just one year we’ve been able to more than double the mortgage Cash Rewards to members we had in the previous six years. This is due in no small part to our members readily sharing their outstanding experiences with family members and colleagues.”

“We love being able to put money directly back into the pockets of our members,” Pondelicek continued. “Hitting the $2 million milestone is great recognition of our commitment to making the home buying process as rewarding as possible for those we serve.”